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Your First Visit

DURING YOUR FIRST VISIT your therapist will conduct a comprehensive initial evaluation. We will discuss your pain and current level of functional mobility. We will then assess your strength, flexibility, range of motion, posture, balance, gait and ergonomics of both your home and work environment.

We provide you with an examination gown or you can bring exercise clothing, preferably shorts. Your therapist will work with you individually for the entire hour. Your therapist will NOT see another patient at any time during your evaluation or subsequent treatments.

At the end of your evaluation, the therapist will review the findings, establish goals and formulate a preliminary treatment plan.

Prior to your follow up session, your therapist will design an individualized exercise program based on the clinical findings. Patients in acute pain will receive treatment during the first session and the evaluation will be completed on the second visit.

During your second visit, your therapist will instruct you in your preliminary exercise program, review proper postural alignment and body mechanics. Pain and muscle spasm relieving modalities, including soft tissue manipulation, will be administered. During each follow up session, your therapist will review your current exercise program to ensure all exercises are being performed properly.

We encourage our patients to contact us in between sessions via email or phone at (212) 754-6557 with any questions or concerns.