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exercise with intention

Philosophy for Living

YEARS AGO, most of us never noticed the effort it takes to get in and out of a taxi, rise from a chair, serve a tennis ball or reach for a box from the top shelf. Life is comprised of hundreds of daily activities such as these.   However, as we age the pain, stiffness and immobility that can accompany these actions interrupt living an active and social lifestyle.

BACK into BALANCE treatment and exercise programs help strengthen your body, perform daily activities with minimum compensatory movements, improve balance; but most important, incorporate these benefits into a long-term healthy lifestyle.


Functional Assessment
Our therapists perform a comprehensive evaluation of functional movements for each patient to determine the areas of weakness that contribute to your pain and limitations. We communicate directly with your physicians and health care professionals to foster a team approach.

We carefully examine the activities in a patent’s lifestyle and muscular limits of the body to develop an effective treatment program.

Balance and Strength
Proper balance and strength prevents falls and allows us to navigate uneven terrain. Our exercise programs are user-friendly and realistic from a time management perspective. We believe the key ingredients for putting the body back into balance are core strength, flexibility and postural alignment.

We will help you initiate and maintain an exercise program leading to long term change for the body for active living.

Education and Prevention
During our sessions we discuss your body and how we will correct factors that contribute to your pain. We will review ergonomic training as it relates to any physical demands in your home, work and social environments. Lifestyle management such as sleep, diet, stress and energy are carefully examined. Our program capstone is to prevent recurrence of any issues and avert the need for surgery.

Exercise should not be painful or need to be extremely vigorous.  Consistency is what provides you with a lifetime of benefits.

Start exercising with intention!