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Pelvic Rehabilitation

PELVIC FLOOR DISFUNCTION refers to problems that may occur when the muscles of the pelvis are weak or tight, which can contribute to problems with bladder, bowel or sexual function.  Pelvic muscle dysfunction may be associated with an impairment of the hip, low back, sacroiliac joint or coccyx, causing the pelvic muscles to be strained.  With chronic muscle strain the tissues and nerves surrounding the joints and organs may eventually develop increased sensitivity and irritation, resulting in pelvic pain. Often, the underlying cause of pelvic pain is hard to determine until all of these areas are examined by a physical therapist.  Once the underlying causes are identified, many of these symptoms can be resolved with physical therapy.

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Take a quick pelvic screen below:

  • Do you have trouble getting to the bathroom in time?
  • Do you have increased frequency more than every hour?
  • Are you often constipated or have irritable bowel symptoms?
  • Do you pain with sexual activity or gyn exams?
  • Do you pain with sitting?
  • Do you have pain at the tailbone or rectum?

If you have any of these symptoms you may benefit from pelvic physical therapy.